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Welcome to Qomrades! 

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We're an actual play podcast of Queer folk telling stories that matter to us. You can find the link to our twitter below! 

Nov 24, 2022

Guns and Repression Content Warnings:

chain smoking, implied drug (cannabis) use, human sacrifice, necromancy, improper gun storage, mind control, holding a gun to a pc's head, death by falling down stairs

This week on Qomrades... The One Night Engagement of Damage Done! How will our crew handle this witchuation? What...

Oct 31, 2022

Guns and Repression Content Warnings:

human sacrifice, guns, smoking near gas pumps, cops/acab, description of a corpse, sigils in blood/blood writing, chain smoking, mind reading 

This week in Halloween... The debut of the new Qomrades cast including Lily and Song and special guest Christine Prevas investigate a little...