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Welcome to Qomrades! 

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We're an actual play podcast of Queer folk telling stories that matter to us. You can find the link to our twitter below! 

Oct 31, 2022

Guns and Repression Content Warnings:

human sacrifice, guns, smoking near gas pumps, cops/acab, description of a corpse, sigils in blood/blood writing, chain smoking, mind reading 

This week in Halloween... The debut of the new Qomrades cast including Lily and Song and special guest Christine Prevas investigate a little town with a lot of gas, and a lot of heart and, well, not as much blood as there could've been. 

Transcript by Song 

Hosted by Jack (@toyourstations on twitter on itch and (Follow them! Help them get Affilliate they're so close!)

Featuring Jenny (@hereticpride) as Sebastian Haze

Vince (@windjammah and as Scatter

Lily (@Lillianapolis and as Quartz Chapel

Song (@multihattedfate) as Rodolph "Ollie" Hart

And special guest Christine (@cprevas and @unexploredcast and as Axel

You can find the show on Twitter at @qomrades and at

Shownotes, editing, cover art by Vince