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Welcome to Qomrades! 

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We're an actual play podcast of Queer folk telling stories that matter to us. You can find the link to our twitter below! 

Jan 14, 2021

Introducing The Cast:

Harmony - Any Pronouns, usually They/Them and She/Her - mediation robot designed to survive any deal and make sure the negotiations go Mother’s way.

Cain - he/him - The youngest robot, designed as a robotic soldier, with medical and tactical training

Noah - he/they - Designed as an archivist robot, Noah has found interests and fixations beyond his programming and continues to seek out more knowledge.

Adam - he/they - The oldest robot, the first of the siblings and arguably the most level-headed of the bunch

Joseph - he/him - The smallest robot, designed to help Mother create other robots, very good with his hands and bad with his self-confidence. 

Birth Order: Adam, Noah, Harmony, Joseph, Cain
Baby Order: Joseph, Cain, Harmony/Noah, Adam

This week on Qomrades
Cearan tells us about the Verax Nebula 

Hosted by Rowan (@ceardannan and @pom_and_fiber)

Featuring Jack (@toyourstations and as Cain, Julianna ([not found]) as Adam, Jenny (@hereticpride) as Noah, and Vince (@Windjammah) as Joseph

Produced by Vince

You can find the show (@Qomrades) on Twitter or at

Text by Vince

Cover Art by Rowan! 

Note: Rowan has changed their name after this recording

Thank you to Noel Shiri for the use of our Theme song "Sentient Babies" (Noel Shiri on Bandcamp and @noelshiri on Twitter)

 You can find Vince and Jack’s other podcast at aapapappod

You can find the Let’s Plays Vince makes at