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Welcome to Qomrades! 

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We're an actual play podcast of Queer folk telling stories that matter to us. You can find the link to our twitter below! 

Sep 24, 2020

[Half of a phone call, unrecorded but filed nevertheless]

It started with a banging.

BANG one two BANG three four BANG. And I remember this sense of dread in my heart, the sense that something was going terribly wrong. Oh sure, it could've been a raccoon. Should have been a raccoon, even. But when I got up to check I found this card slipped through the mail slot on my door. 

No, no this doesn't feel like a prank to me. I'm calling her in. Maybe this time she can keep us safe. 

[Call Terminated]

This week, Orion gets a phone call, Max gets a notification, Wren gets a visit, and Aurelia takes care of her professor. 

Reminder: From now on, in addition to most of the cast being bi we're also biweekly. See you in two weeks~

Hosted by Vince (@Windjammah)

Featuring Jack (@toyourstations and as Max, Rowan (@ceardannan and @pom_and_fiber) as Aurelia, Julianna ([not found]) as Wren, and Jenny (@hereticpride) as Orion 

Produced by Vince

You can find the show (@Qomrades) on Twitter or at

Music composed by Peter Silk (@kestrelpi) with Hannah Lever (@_anewlow) on Trombone

Text by Vince

Note: Rowan has changed their name after this recording

Cover Art by Hannah Culbert, freelance illustrator, on social media @ThistleBeetle ! They are also a cast member and product designer for the podcast Dames and Dragons, @dragondames on Twitter!

You can find Vince and Jack’s other podcast at aapapappod

You can find the Let’s Plays Vince makes at