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Welcome to Qomrades! 

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We're an actual play podcast of Queer folk telling stories that matter to us. You can find the link to our twitter below! 

Oct 22, 2020

Content Warnings: Dead Bodies, Death, Insensitivity to trauma

[An unsent letter, crumpled and used for kindling in a pyre]

To the Estate of Xavier Winslow III,

Though we walk the night and feel no cold, a darker night has fallen. Our blood may slow the clock, but never stop its chime. Our brother Thaddeus Montgomery Winslow IV has begun his final hunt and we will drink our fill for the darker nights to come.

We will be having a small gathering far from the city lights. We would be pleased if you could-

[The letter ends here]

This week in Haven the gang investigate a murder.

Hosted by Vince (@Windjammah)

Featuring Jack (@toyourstations and as Max, Rowan (@ceardannan and @pom_and_fiber) as Aurelia, Julianna ([not found]) as Wren, and Jenny (@hereticpride) as Orion 

Produced by Vince

You can find the show (@Qomrades) on Twitter or at

Music composed by Peter Silk (@kestrelpi) with Hannah Lever (@_anewlow) on Trombone

Text by Vince

Note: Rowan has changed their name after this recording

Cover Art by Hannah Culbert, freelance illustrator, on social media @ThistleBeetle ! They are also a cast member and product designer for the podcast Dames and Dragons, @dragondames on Twitter!

You can find Vince and Jack’s other podcast at aapapappod

You can find the Let’s Plays Vince makes at